Gildethros Turkish Angoras
Our Current Kittens
Turkish Angora Kittens can go home at 3 months old if they're picked up in person, or at 4 months
old if they must be shipped.  Turkish Angora coats are slow to mature.  Most TA babies are born
with fluffy coats, but it's a single coat which soon lies smooth and sleek on the body.  Depending
on the lines that any one kitten is from, it can take up to two or even three years for the coat to
fully mature.  Turkish Angora kittens/cats from different lines can have very different coats as well
- the length and texture of the fur can vary alot.  This said, all TA babies take a good 6 to 8 weeks
to really start looking like Turkish Angoras instead of just adorable, long-haired kittens.  And so I
like to wait to post pictures of our Current Kittens here until they are about six weeks old and start
to resemble the cats they will become.
Please note that any blotches of color you see on the heads of our white kittens are not permament
markings.  Solid white kittens are often born with
Kitten Caps which will fade as the area fills in
with white.  Depending on the size and color of the blotch, the markings can disappear before
kittens are old enough to go to their new homes or the process can take up to two full years.
Darker colors and larger patches do tend to take longer to disappear.  Please know that although
Turkish Angoras can be born with "van" markings that extend down the entire top of the cat with
characteristic spots/blotches on the shoulders, rump and tail, one of the parents must have van
markings in order for kittens to inherit them.  The common color patches that are located only on
top of the heads of solid white kittens are not van markings and are not permanent.
Please click on the link in the description above each kittens' picture to go to individual pages.  
There you'll find lots more pictures and a detailed description of each kitten's temperament.  Be
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your dream kitten here, please check out our
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Future Litters page to see what we're planning.  We often have gorgeous older kittens, retiring
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